Mount Tam Lectures

April – October only.
The SFAA  joins the Friends of Mt. Tam at the annual ‘Summer Astronomy Program’ hosting public viewing events from April through October. SFAA members bring their telescopes, big and small, to Rock Springs parking lot and share viewing with the public after the astronomy lecture has concluded at the Mountain Theater.

What to Bring

Members:  Please bring your telescope for public outreach and, if possible, a step stool for younger audience members.

Public:  Please bring a red filter for your flashlight.  You’ll be able to see many more wonderful objects in the sky if your eyes have red light around them instead of the usual white light.  It can get quite cool on the mountain, so we recommend you bring layers and gloves.  You might also want to bring a cushion for the lecture because the seats in the auditorium are stone.

From the SFAA Calendar,

2017 Lecture Dates
April 29
May 27
July 1
July 29
August 26

Click here for the detailed schedule, speakers, and topics.

Directions to the Mount Tam Lectures


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