2015 Membership Dinner – January 24th

All members of the SF Amatuer Astronomy Club are invited to our annual board transition and welcome dinner. It is an opportunity to share a meal with other club members, meet the board who work to provide speakers, mountain-top observation sites and outreach services, as well as to share ideas about the direction of the club. This year the dinner is being held at the Delancy Street Restaurant, part of the Delancy Street Foundation that provides self-help opportunities for those who struggle with substance abuse, homelessness and poverty. Join your fellow Amatuer Astronomers at this fun social gathering, supporting the newly elected board as well as this fine social outreach program.

If you would like to join us, click here for more info.

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Matthew is an SFAA past President and current webmaster. He is a web designer, software engineer, writer, and lover of the stars.

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