Outreach Volunteer Opportunity: SF Galileo High School

Please contact the SFAA Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@sfaa-astronomy.org if you are interested in this outreach opportunity:

The San Francisco Galileo High School telescope which EAS (Eastbay Astronomical
Society) donated, and for which their alumni society purchased the new
mount, is stored in a secure location at Galileo High School. It will
remain there at all times and has been fully turned over to the

The scope is a C11, equipped with a finder, a zoom eyepiece, and a 35
Panoptic. It’s a good scope. The new mount is a Celestron CGX and
they also have a donated 11″ Solar Filter, and wheel cases for
everything. Someday, we may want to equip them for DSLR photography.

The likely location for use will be the roof of the school. It’s
possible to run a long extension cord for power, the walls of the roof
are high enough to block most of the city light, and we think there is
a clear view of Polaris. My idea was to get up there one night, get
it polar aligned using the mount’s all-star polar align, and mark the
tripod leg positions with spray paint on the roof; and completely
ignore leveling. That way, with the legs in the shortest position,
the mount can be set up without need for alignment and they can be up
and running with an equatorial mount before it even gets dark. Once a
few stars come out, they can do a calibration, and they’ll be off and

If SFAA would like to get involved; what is needed is occasional
mentoring; kind of like a periodic focused outreach. As much as EAS
has enjoyed helping them out, we are not that close and it’s a haul
for me to get over there. SFAA would be a better sponsor.

So the possible involvement would be:

1) Show up at their rooftop star parties and help the teacher familiarize
herself with the mount, the scope and observable objects. I’m hoping
to do this as well at first.

2) Act as advisers for expanding their capability.

3) Invite them to participate at star party events outside of the
school.. their setup is meant to be mobile.

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