Lecture: 16 October “Exploring Planetary Surfaces…Solar System Treks” by Brian Day, NASA

16 October 2019, Wednesday, 7:45 PM, Randall Museum Theater

“Exploring Planetary Surfaces with NASA’s Solar System Treks”


Brian Day, NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research

Join Brian Day, of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute, for a presentation on Exploring Planetary Surfaces with NASA’s Solar System Treks. Learn about NASA’s Solar System Treks project that is producing a suite of online interactive visualization and analysis portals. There are now seven web portals in the program available to the public. This list includes portals for the Moon, Mars, Vesta, Ceres, Titan, and recently Mercury. All of these are unified under a new project home site with supporting content. In this talk, Day will discuss ways that students and members of the public can use these portals to conduct their own explorations of planetary surfaces, measuring diameters of craters, creating elevation profiles of peaks and valleys, and plotting traverse paths.

Brief Bio

Brian Day works at NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute where he serves as Lead for Lunar and Planetary Mapping and Modeling. He has participated in various Mars analog field studies in extreme, Mars-like environments here in Earth. He previously served as Education and Public Outreach Lead for the LCROSS and LADEE robotic missions to the Moon. In 2007 he flew on NASA’s Aurigid MAC mission to record debris from Comet Kiess burning up in Earth’s upper atmosphere.


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