Lecture: 18 December “Sailing…Devil’s Golf Course to Europa…” by Orkan Umurhan, NASA

18 December 2019, Wednesday, 7:45 PM, Randall Museum Theater

“Sailing From The Devil’s Golf Course to Europa:  The Science of an Ocean World and the Clipper Mission”


Orkan Umurhan, Planetary Scientist, SETI at NASA

In this talk I will speak about some of the more recent science questions pertaining to the possible life-bearing ocean world and the latest exciting developments in the planned mission Europa Clipper set for launch in 2026.  Some work by our group focuses on seeking out terrestrial surface analogs of Europa’s icy surface to study how a potential surface lander might operate.  One such example is the so-called Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley.  I will discuss the possibility of other landforms like penitentes and the possible detection of water plumes high over Europa.

Brief Bio
Orkan Umurhan currently works as an applied mathematician and Planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. He works on geophysical and astrophysical flows. His current projects also include studying glacial ice flows on the surface of Pluto.

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