Lecture: 21 June “Cracking Globular Clusters” by Michael Packer

21 June 2016, Tuesday, 7:45 PM, Presidio Observation Post, Building 211

“Cracking Globular Clusters”


Michael Packer


The 160 spherical oceans of stars we call globular clusters (GCs) need aperture, good seeing and dark skies to resolve detail. But once observed to their core CG’s can reveal an exquisitely rich sea of red giant and fuel spent stars that do not take us back to the big bang but rather show us time in its extreme. Michael’s talk will cover the general properties of Globular Clusters and which ones to observe or image for detail. The talk will also show GC formation with some N-particle animation and the role these ancient clusters play in the new field of galactic archaeology.

Join San Francisco Amateur Astronomers on Mt. Tamalpais this summer to observe the many Globular Clusters made even more interesting after our speaker’s presentation. Click here for the Mt. Tamalpais observing schedule.

Click here for a great photo of the Globular Cluster, M13, taken by astrophotographer is R Jay GaBany, our November 15th SFAA speaker.

Brief Bio

Michael Packer is an amateur astronomer of 25 years and lighting engineer designing optics for indoor and outdoor luminaires. He has a Masters of Physics from San Francisco State University and researched efficient lighting at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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