PLEASE NOTE: SFAA Free Lecture Series Losing Presidio Venue

Although the Presidio has been very gracious in providing outstanding space for the SFAA free monthly lectures at no charge for the past several years, after May the Presidio will begin to charge a fee which the SFAA cannot afford. Consequently, the SFAA Officers and Board are currently exploring other venues as well as options to cover the expected future facility rental costs.

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6 Comments to “PLEASE NOTE: SFAA Free Lecture Series Losing Presidio Venue”

  1. Toney Burkhart says:

    This is bad news for the SFAA I can help get us back into the Morrison Planetarium. I can contact my old freind Bing Quock right away and see if we can come back. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Clear Skies,

    Toney Burkhart

  2. J says:

    Venue ideas:
    – SF Public Library Main Branch has presentation rooms, likely free.
    – Randall Museum
    – Children’s Creativity Museum
    – Exploratorium?

  3. Vivian White says:

    How about Salesforce East? They provide free space on evenings and weekends and it’s easy to access via public transportation – 350 Mission St. Not to mention stunning!
    It’s called the Ohana floor and can fit up to 80. Not sure if that’s big enough anymore…

    • Scott Miller says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. The SFAA has been busy the past few months searching for a new venue. It appears the Randall Museum may be our new home.

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