Proposed Updates to SFAA Bylaws

The SFAA Board has recently reviewed the organization’s bylaws and is proposing a number of updates for clarification and consistency. A vote of the SFAA membership, present at the meeting, to accept or reject these proposed changes will be held at the General Meeting / Lecture at the SF Presidio Observation Post on November 15, 2016.

Summary of proposed updates, by section:

• Preamble

  1. Clarifies references to majority voting percentages in bylaws

• Article One

  1. Includes reference to SFAA status as a nonprofit organization, as defined by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3)

• Article Two

  1. No changes

• Article Three

  1. Updates to voting process for members to elect Board members
  2. Updates to duties of Secretary and Treasurer
  3. Clarifies majority of Board votes required for expenditures
  4. Replaces term “constitution” with more accurate usage of the term “articles of incorporation”
  5. Updates title of Shop Foreman to Shop Coordinator
  6. Adds description of duties for Speaker and Equipment Loan Coordinators
  7. Clarifies that appointed roles shall serve until relieved of duties by majority vote of the Board and removes some redundant text

• Article Four

  1. Clarifies terminology in membership classifications
  2. Provides minor edits for consistency

• Article Five

  1. Adds reference to SFAA 501(c)(3) status and tax-deductibility of membership dues as allowed by law

• Article Six

  1. Minor edits

• Article Seven

  1. No changes

• Article Eight

  1. No changes

• Article Nine

  1. Changes requirement for revised bylaws to be read at a membership meeting to instead be made available.

• Article Ten

  1. Provides minor edits for consistency

• Article Eleven

  1. No changes

Members may review the full document, with deletions in strike-through text and additions in underlined text, at the following link:


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