SFAA 2019 Board Nominations Are Now Open

Nominations for the calendar year 2019 SFAA Board Officers and Directors are due by December 5, 2018. Previous Board experience is not necessary and it is a rewarding way to become more involved in the club.  If you have ever thought about wanting to pitch in and help the SFAA grow into something even more interesting, educational and community oriented, please contact PJ Cabrera at president@sfaa-astronomy.org or any of the Officers or Board members you may know. Our email addresses are listed on our website here.

A link to an online ballot for the Board election will be available to members in mid-December.  A mail-in paper ballot option will also be available.

Board nominations must be received by December 5, 2018.
The SFAA elects our Directors and Officers every December for the upcoming calendar year. The Officers and Directors constitute the Board of Directors, which is SFAA’s governing body. The Board maintains our membership roster, manages the club’s funds, organizes and publicizes our activities, coordinates member volunteers, and communicates on the club’s behalf with the larger community. Fortunately the club has a stable cash flow and adequate reserves. Members’ dues fund all of our activities, so (unlike many non-profit organizations) Board members don’t have to do any fundraising.

The Board meets once a month. Our first meeting of the year is a day retreat to plan for the year ahead. The remaining meetings are on weekday evenings, usually two online meetings and an in-person meeting each quarter.
Any current member of SFAA is eligible to run for the Board. Some of our current Board members will not be able to serve another term, so we need new people to run to fill the available seats. We’re looking for fresh ideas and perspectives to enhance the events and communications SFAA offers to members and the broader public. If you have been participating in club activities and you have time and energy to commit to helping direct the club’s affairs, please consider running for the Board.

The responsibilities of the SFAA Officers and Directors are described in more detail in the Bylaws page on the SFAA website at:


If you are willing to run for the Board, if you have questions, or if you would like to nominate another member, please contact PJ Cabrera at president@sfaa-astronomy.org

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