Yosemite 2019

Welcome to the SFAA – 2019 Yosemite Star Party at Glacier Point – June 28th and 29th


We have received the dates for our 2019 SFAA Yosemite trip! SFAA will be hosting Star Parties at Glacier Point Friday June 28th and Saturday June 29th! Our potluck- the “Gastronomic Astronomic“ will be held Saturday afternoon- though earlier this year as there is one change in lodging. It is anticipated that Bridal Veil Campground will be closed, so we have been given lodging at Yellow Pine Volunteer Campground in the Valley. There is a chance that Bridal Veil Campground may be opened some time over the summer, but we shouldn’t count on it being available. It will be nice if it is…

The Yosemite trip is for SFAA members only. You must be a current member to sign up. Also, this is a public Star Party, so the more telescopes the group brings, the better! If you don’t have a telescope to share, one option would be to coordinate with me (at telescopes@sfaa-astronomy.org) to borrow a SFAA loaner scope for the event.

Plan to arrive early Friday so you can get camp set up and get to Glacier Point to set up with ample time. Additionally, if you can head up a day or two early, please let us know. Pending our group size, we may be looking for a few folks to go up early to reserve additional camp sites. If so, SFAA will reimburse for the camp fees. Also, for transportation, please let us know if you may have room for carpooling.

For the annual “Gastronomic Astronomic“ potluck at camp, please plan to bring something to share with your fellow club members. An award will be given for the best astronomically themed gastronomy! Please plan to bring extra portions to share! SFAA will be providing basics- burgers (including veggie burgers) buns, hot dogs & condiments, sodas, etc. Please plan to bring an alternate main dish, side dish, or dessert.

One last request: please share your phone number. In years past, things have come up last minute. For instance, one year a forest fire closed the campground as it was used as a staging area for firefighters. Therefore, if you could please share your cell number… we’ll only use it for notifications such as this if they arise!

To sign up please email yosemite2019@sfaa-stronomy.org with:

  1. Name(s) of attendees
  2. SFAA Membership Number (If you don’t have it, you can log onto your SFAA website profile to get it):
  3. Email
  4. Phone number
  5. Carpool: let us know if you are:
    • in need of a ride (how many and what telescope you’re bringing)
    • able to give a ride (and list how many you can take, how much room)
    • not able to take anyone.
  6. What telescope are you bringing? (size, type, etc.)
  7. Are you able to go up early? Y/N

Once the max number of participants is reached, we’ll maintain a waiting list. Please notify if you sign up and find you cannot attend so we can notify those on the wait list.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be corresponding to the group with updates in future emails. I will send the SFAA pass used to gain admission to the park, as well as details on the location of the group campground.

Thank you; look forward to stargazing at Glacier Point soon!

Douglas Smith, SFAA Director